SEE THE OKINAWA BLUE ZONE with a life-changing one of a kind tour with a personal tour guide and discover the best unknown longevity Blue Zone secrets Okinawa has to offer.

Okinawa has a unique longevity GIFTs meant to be shared with the world. The discovery and experience of those GIFTS is your purpose here.

If you want to experience Okinawa's extraordinary culture, traditions, foods, people after almost a decade Haitai™ is at the root of these experiences HERE ON OKINAWA.

With A completely customizable and immersive experience, Christal Burnette will personally guide and introduce you to the locals and share the most kept Okinawa longevity Secrets.

"Everyone needs to experience the REAL Okinawa Longevity world"

I think Okinawa may be one of the most unique and special places I have traveled to over the years. The people have a way of thinking that is truly magical.


This Experience Is Specifically

Made For...

  • Writers looking for more depth than what they have seen from others covering the Okinawa Longevity Blue Zone.

  • Journalists that want to have personal one-on-one interviews with authentic locals and people ACTUALLY living the Okinawan Longevity Lifestyle.

  • Bloggers and Influencers who would like to know more about the Okinawa Blue Zone than a cheap, shallow Netflix Series.

  • Parents or Couples that want real, and lasting Blue Zone Longevity experiences.

  • People who've read all about Okinawa Longevity, seen a few "documentaries" and shows but feel that they can go much deeper in their own personal longevity transformation.

If this is you, over the course of a few immersive days, Christal will help you experience the most authentic Okinawa Longevity, experience in the world, to eat breath, and feel Okinawa longevity for yourself.

By the end of 3-days, you will have the GIFT of personally learning more about AUTHENTIC Okinawan longevity than almost any journalist or reporter in the world.

"I was astounded by how much I learned about Okinawa Longevity"

I thought I was experiencing Okinawa's health and longevity world because I was living on island, but I WAS WRONG. Thee is absolutely so many hidden places I had never heard of that Christal was able to show me personally.


Discover the Secrets

to A Longer Better Life.

Experience three transformative experiences filled with powerful breakthroughs and life-changing moments.

Here's what we'll do:

  • Through a series of guided exercises, you’ll explore TRUE Okinawa Longevity few people see.

  • DISCOVER AND ELIMINATE the difference between the what you have seen about Okinawa longevity, the foods they eat, and the lifestyle they live for yourself.

  • The emphasis is on feelings, engaging, and connecting...not just reporting.

  • AWAKEN YOUR ABILITY TO SUSTAIN Longevity by healing and reconnecting with your heart and mind...

  • Experience the joy of discovering how well rounded Okinawa Longevity philosophy is.

  • Quiet the noise, and media nonsense to create a life changing experience in ALL areas of life: Health, Diet Exercise, & Relationships.

  • The TRUE Okinawan diet. Not what movies or Netflix Series share.

  • The REAL backcountry Okinawa Longevity Experience. Not Tourist Traps.

  • One-on-one time with the ACTUAL Blue Zone Longevity Okinawans.

  • The MENTALITY and MINDSET of Okinawans and much more important it is for longevity than you have been told.

"I was pulling trauma, and pulling trauma, and then rewiring..."

Longevity Immersions


  • Get to eat lunch at the World Famous Kokusai Street (International Street) at the Longevity Based Meals restaurant.

  • Interview Christal and discuss all you would like to know about longevity.

  • See and meet the Okinawa Longevity Woman's Bar run by an Okinawa Longevity woman herself (aged 91) with Christal there to translate any questions you would like to ask.

  • Visit the second secret, and virtually unknown longevity restaurant in the Southernmost part of Okinawa.

  • Tour an actual traditional Okinawan garden to learn, touch, and smell the herbs.

  • Add-on: Eat and interview the CEO, a still actively working longevity Okinawan who started the company from the ground and knows everything about the Okinawa blue zone as he lives it Daily.


  • Taken to the famous Emi no Mise and talk to Emi herself who still actively runs the restaurant to this day.

  • Christal will attend and translate the entire interview.

  • Taken to play gateball with locals and experience evening with the actual Longevity Okinawans.

  • Christal embarasses herslf, plays as well and will translate the entire thing.

  • Visit a Michi-no-eki or Farmers Market and go shopping for world famous Longevity foods like Purpler sweet potato and bitter-melon and cook them yourself at your hotel/airbnb

Immersion Details


Customized Southern Immersion

Choose Your Own Date


Customized Northern Immersion

Choose Your Own Date


Digital Download

Instant Access



Christal Burnette is an Okinawa Plant and Health Specialist guiding the world on the truth behind the philosophy, which has come to be known as Okinawa Blue Zone longevity. She teaches the lesser known aspects of longevity through her one-of-a-kind immersive longevity tours, her Youtube channel that has over 90,000 views over the last year alone, her #1 Amazon best selling Okinawa longevity Cookbook, and original Okinawa made wellness products.

The transformation of people that follows the adopting of the Okinawa longevity principles is remarkable, as they regularly improve energy, mental clarity, deep connections with others, and overall improved health.

Christal has spoken in both english and Japanese to the US military, the American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa, and is a member of ORCLS (Okinawa Research Center for Longevity Studies). Working side by side with Dr. Makoto Suzuki the discoverer of the Okinawa Blue Zone.

Her mission is to spread Okinawa Longevity principles and wellness products to the world, helping millions find healthy and balanced lives. When one person find transformation others see and begin to make changes for the better for themselves.

What breakthroughs will you have?

“Awaken is beyond what you can imagine!”

“I opened up more emotionally for her...”

“I don't have any pain anymore.”

“Before Awaken I felt stuck...”

“I stopped letting money control me...”

“I learned I can change at any age...”

“I realized what was holding me back...”

“Awaken is for everyone!”

“You become the best version of yourself.”

“I realized what stopped me from love...”

“Awaken has given me peace...”

“I've attracted countless opportunities...”

Haitai Immersion is a deep breathe of fresh air away from all the hype and media tourist traps so you are free to EXPERIENCE AUTHENTIC OKINAWA. It’s vital for you to be hands on , connect and experience the reality of longevity living.

You will be astounded by the mental and physical stamina of many of the Okinawans you meet, which will undoubtably challenge any ideas you currently have about longevity and aging.

Okinawa is one of the safest places in the entire world, but Christal will remain present to answer any questions or concerns you may feel on your trip.

Give yourself the chance to radically change any ideas you have about what it means to age gracefully.


I'm a Journalist that wants to run a story on Christal, can I get a discount?

Yes, in specific circumstances Christal would be happy to sit down for an interview (either written, audio, or video) with you and can provide a discount up to 100% off.

NOTE: Just let us know the situation in the 'Notes' sections of the form on the information/details page.

How far ahead can I book?

Spots are planned out up to 6 months in advance. Anytime, Christal is available between now and you desired time can be booked out.

How long is the Immersion?

The immersion event is completely customizable and dependant on your needs. Immersion events typically last about 4 to 5 hours. But can be as long as 8ours hours depending on the ihe immersion desired.

What is dress code?

There is no dress code for any events. Although, we do ask that you keep in mind cultural norms. Okinawa is more traditional and conservative. It is asked that no excessive skin be shown.

What should I bring?

Bring a notepad, pen, any form of ID (I.E. Passport, Drivers License, ID Card, or residence Card), water bottle, and any medications that you may need throughout the day.

Who is this Immersion for?

This event is for humans who are ready to experience that most personal sense of Okinawa Longevity possible.

How Can I Purchase Tickets / What Forms Of Payment Are Allowed?

The Shima Rakkyo Secrets PDF must be purchased with credit card online. You can pay with this link HERE or with the button that says 'I want the SHIMA RAKKYO SECRETS' and gain instant access either way.

For security reasons and to prevent overbooking the Northern and Southern Immersion Packages are by application only. You can click the button above that says 'Get Northern Immersion' Or 'Get Southern Immersion', buttons above.

Who will be My Guide?

Christal Burnette will personally take you through your Immersion journey. A driver or ride may be provided by her staff in situations that is needed.

Can I purchase my ticket onsite on the day of the event?

For security reasons we do not allow onsite or in person payments. But you can fill out a form and book any available time with any notice needed.

What if I cannot make it to the event?

Please send written notice to within 14 days of the event start date. You will receive one complimentary rebooking to another person or an Awaken event within the same year. Any additional transfers will require a $75 fee.

Any cancelation with shorter notice than 72 hours before booked time will require a $60 fee.

Do I need to print and bring my ticket?

As long as you have ID on hand you DO NOT need any other confirmation.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, tickets are transferable to another attendee complimentary within 24 hours of event start time – email for transfers.

If the event was postponed. What happens to my ticket?

In the unlikely event that we are forced to put your booked time on hold and postpone it to another date in the year, we will contact you immediately. If the new dates don’t work for you, please contact to learn more about your options.

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