Are you Living in okinawa?

Did you recently get stationed here?

Do you want to get healthy like an okinawan?


- Learn how to eat and live like an Okinawan -

While you live on this beautiful island!!

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Achieving a 'Longevity Lifestyle!'

- Inspired by the Longest Living People in the World -

The Okinawa Islanders

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Have you heard of the Blue Zones?

Do you know which Blue Zone is the healthiest of them all?

Do you want to know what the people in that zone do specifically to live such a long, LONG time??



The founder of Okinawan longevity who was interviewed in front the beautiful Okinawan ocean: Suzuki Sensei, or Dr. Makoto Suzuki.



The 'Okinawan Chef in the Red Kitchen' in the first episode of the Netflix Documentary: Miyaguni Sensei


From the Desk of: Christal Burnette, "Longevity Island, Okinawa, Japan.


So maybe you just moved to Okinawa or you have been here for a minute.

Have you figured out how to eat like an Okinawan?

Did you learn any healthy habits from the longest living people in the world while living here?

I talk to thousands of health-conscious people just like you every week who genuinely desire to live a long, healthy life. What better time than while you are ACTUALLY living on Okinawa island!

And they want to learn not just for themselves – they want to pass a healthy lifestyle along to their loved ones and children, too.

They focus on eating healthy and trying to stay active, but they find themselves constantly wondering …

  • What do the Okinawans even eat?

  • I live here now but what is an Okinawan's daily life like? Can I do it, too?

  • How complicated and expensive is this going to get?

  • Are the Okinawans living a long time just from food? Or is it something else?

It is overwhelming to learn an entirely new culture and lifestyle when you don't know the language!

Sometimes it just plain feels scary and you might resort to just shopping at the commissary because you cannot read what is written at the Japanese supermarket anyway.

Honestly, I don’t blame anyone for being frustrated … but don’t worry! I’ve got good news.

The Secrets To Okinawan Longevity Are Not As Complicated

Or Costly As You May Think!

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear about living a longevity lifestyle is that it must be complicated, expensive, and filled with deprivation and the fear of missing out…

I felt that way too at first. That is, until I visited Tokyo, Japan on a study abroad trip.

While I was there, I learned the Japanese have a low obesity rate and overall great health. But that’s only the beginning of the fascinating discoveries I made.

You see, there’s a small island off the coast of Japan with a very unique claim to fame. The name of the island is Okinawa, also known as “Longevity Island”.

Okinawa is home to the longest living people in the world. Fascinated, I moved to Okinawa to get my graduate degree. During my time studying agriculture and subtropical plants, like the herb chomeiso, called “the long life herb”, and many other plants not found in where I grew up in the U.S.

The thing that truly changed my life, though, was getting to know the people of Okinawa. As I learned more about their healthy lifestyles, including what they ate and how they spent their time, I was touched by the kind way they befriended me.

Today, I live side-by-side with the Okinawan people, and learning from them has changed my life. They let me in on the secrets behind how they live such long, happy lives.

It was amazing to learn the truth behind what a person can do to live a long life. And not only that, I get to see it played out in real lives – not just scientific papers or reports – every day.

Do You Want Me To Let You In On Their Secrets?

You DON’T have to wade through all the fads and gimmicks just to find the truth anymore!

No matter how many diets or workout plans you’ve tried before, when you understand what a longevity lifestyle really encompasses, you’ll be amazed at how simple and easy to implement it is.

With these secrets, you’ll be able to easily provide healthy meals for your family – meals that can help you all feel better, have more energy, and promote a long life.

Sounds amazing, right? So, are you ready to dive into a holistic, all-encompassing longevity-based lifestyle you can maintain without spending an arm and a leg?

Introducing Longevity Secrets By Haitai

The ONLY Longevity Course Based On The Okinawans, The Longest-Living People In The World

Finally there’s a no-nonsense guide to a longevity lifestyle! No obscure tricks or tactics, just common sense approaches to implementing sustainable, longevity-based health practices without having to slog through the information overwhelm and scientific jargon.

Longevity Secrets by Haitai is a 6-module video course taught by longevity experts and based on the lifestyle habits of the longest living people on the planet, the Okinawans.

The Okinawan Mindset

A huge part of overall health is a person’s mindset in how they approach life. You’ll learn what the Okinawans focus on, how they de-stress, and how you can incorporate their “hang loose” mentality into your life.

Simple Exercise

Okinawans have a unique approach to exercise that bears little resemblance to the Western approach. You’ll learn how they incorporate exercise into their daily lives in a way that’s safe and low-impact.

Moai Socialization

Financial and intellectual health are important too. You’ll learn the specific rules the Okinawans use when they deal with money and how to implement a form of masterminding that keeps them sharp.

Diet & Food

Want to eat like an Okinawan? You’ll learn how much, what, and when to eat to mimic the longest-living people in the world. Recipes are included!

Definitely Alcohol

Alcohol plays an important role in Okinawan culture. You’ll learn what moderate drinking is and which types of alcohol contribute to longevity.


Fasting can help promote healthy digestion. You’ll learn how to fast properly and safely so you can practice fasting without feeling deprived.

Longevity Secrets by Haitai is the ultimate answer to "How do I incorporate a longevity-based lifestyle into my day-to-day life?"

Get Certified

'Okinawan Longevity and Diet Fundamentals Level 1'

Upon completing this course about Okinawan Longevity, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your successful completion of the program. The certificate will be issued by Haitai Longevity and will include your name, the name of the course, and the date of completion. Receiving this certificate will serve as a valuable addition to your resume or portfolio. It will show your knowledge of Okinawan Longevity and the Okinawan Diet, not something many people truly know about. This certificate will also demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning and an interest in health and wellness.

About the Course Creator

Hi, I’m Christal Burnette, Okinawa Plant and Health Specialist. I earned my graduate degree at the University of Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan, where I specialized in Okinawan plants and their health benefits.

This opened up a world of discovery for me as I explored the Island of Longevity. I was on a mission to uncover what makes the Okinawans the longest living people in the world. I wanted to know how others could benefit from what they do too.

Let’s face it. It’s hard trying to figure it all out on your own. There’s SO much information out there, and much of it is confusing and conflicting.

But once I was living alongside the Okinawans, I realized the answer to longevity is actually quite simple and easy to follow. That’s why I took everything I learned, and along with other longevity experts and Okinawans themselves, created Longevity Secrets by Haitai.

Are you ready to transform your lifespan and overall health and happiness? Join me inside Longevity Secrets, where you’ll learn exactly how to incorporate simple, affordable longevity-based health and lifestyle practices into your life on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s live long, healthy, happy lives together!



Introducing Longevity Secrets By Haitai

Haitai Longevity Secrets Video Trainings

($997 Value)

The engaging, step-by-step video trainings will show you how to incorporate a longevity-based lifestyle into your daily routine.

Each module helps break down longevity in logical ‘laymen’ terms. You’ll learn a simple, holistic approach to incorporating a healthy lifestyle that provides the perfect balance of the modern world with past Okinawa and the longevity-based lifestyles Okinawans live.

These training sessions can help you confidently make healthy choices that impact your family's and your own health and wellness without anyone feeling deprived or overwhelmed by confusing information or science-y terms.

Longevity Life Plan Guide

($197 Value)

Follow along with the video trainings with the help of the course’s downloadable PDFs. You’ll be able to read and fill them out as you go so you can start practicing the Okinawan lifestyle today.

This manual puts a proven plan in your hand, making it easy to shop and stay motivated for ongoing results for you and your family

Coaching with Christal Burnette

($2,500 Value)

Get coaching and support from me, Christal Burnette, Okinawan health and plant specialist. I’ll answer all your questions and help you stay in momentum, working through any roadblocks that come up along the way.

It’s so beneficial to have a real, live person to turn to for the facts instead of relying on unproven information from a Google browser window or YouTube video.

Private Community Access

($97 Value)

You also get 24/7 access to the Haitai Longevity FacebookTM group. This private community connects you with a group of likeminded people, where you’ll find the support and accountability you need. This community is a safe place where you can ask questions and have discussions about Okinawan longevity. We can’t wait to meet you!

Bonus Interviews

($97 Value)

You also get 24/7 access to the Haitai Longevity FacebookTM group. This private community connects you with a group of likeminded people, where you’ll find the support and accountability you need. This community is a safe place where you can ask questions and have discussions about Okinawan longevity. We can’t wait to meet you!

TOTAL VALUE $3,888.00

👉 You Pay Just $97 👈

A Small Sneak Peak Inside....

Exclusives From The Top Longevity Scientists!

If you're familiar with the concept of Okinawan longevity, then you're likely aware of this well-known individual, whom I had the privilege of interviewing in his own home.

I had the opportunity to see one of the moais that he has been conducting for many years. While there, he shared with me the funny story of how he first discovered Okinawan longevity and what inspired him to dedicate his life to this area of study.

He also explained the origins of the term "blue zones" and I was quite surprised...

The world's leading herb and health farmers

Hear wisdom straight from an Okinawan who practices the Okinawan longevity concepts himself.

He started his own Okinawan health product manufacturing facility and wellness store that serves healthy, Okinawan food. His store sells all-natural teas, supplements, drinks, and more.

Cooking with Miyaguni Sensei

Learn how the longest living people in the world REALLY eat!

Learn about the true Okinawan diet by hearing from a chef who's an expert in cooking traditional Okinawan food and follows the principles of traditional Okinawan medicine.

You get to see her make an authentic meal right in front of me and explain true concepts of Okinawan health and longevity.

Christal next to Michael Mosley, during filming of the new show How to Live 101 (airing Spring 2023). Christal was interviewed for her expertise in Okinawan longevity and food.

Christal presenting in Tokyo in front of a large audience of both Japanese people and other people from all different countries. She explained Haitai Longevity and how the Okinawans are the longest living people in the world. Japanese people in Tokyo don’t even know about the Okinawans!

What Else You Will Learn...

  • Why are the longevity centers called "Blue Zones?"

  • Discover the Link between the Martial Arts and Longevity (Especially Karate)

  • Learn the secret behind 'Nuchi Gusui' and how it effects your food!

  • Find out how the Longest Living People In the World REALLY Eat!

  • What's the TRUTH about Alcohol and Longevity?

And So Much More...

Longevity Secrets Is For You If You’re …

  • Ready to do whatever you can to keep your family healthy but don’t know where to start

  • Tired of slogging through search results and internet article, getting overwhelmed by scientific jargon and feeling uncertain about what’s true and what’s not

  • Excited to dive into a holistic, all-encompassing longevity-based lifestyle in a way you can actually maintain without feeling deprived, even if you’re starting from scratch or have failed at diets before

  • Looking for answers about exactly which foods you and your family should be eating

  • Sick of weird, gimmicky fad diets that don’t work and only leave you frustrated

  • ​Done feeling foggy and sluggish and want more energy, mental sharpness, and a healthier immune system

  • Want to foster community and closer relationships with the people you love

  • Be the one whose friends always ask, “How do you stay so young-looking and energetic?”

Longevity Secrets By Haitai Can Help With ALL Of That And More!

Here's Everything You Get Today....

  • Longevity Secrets Video Trainings

    ($997 Value)

  • Longevity Life Plan Guide

    ($197 Value)

  • Coaching from Christal Burnette ($2,500 Value)

  • Private Online Community

    ($97 Value)

  • Okinawan Bonus Interview Series

    ($97 Value)

TOTAL VALUE $3,888.00

But today, you're getting all of this...

👉 You Pay Just $97 👈

Just In Case You Skipped To The Bottom, Here’s What You Missed

If you want to understand and implement the small, step-by-step changes that can …

  • Make a huge difference in the quality of you health and life

  • Help you feel sharper mentally

  • Give you more energy and a healthier immune system

  • Usher in more fun and connection in social situations

  • Connect you with the top experts in the field of longevity, including "celebrity" experts who hold PhDs and have lived on Okinawa their entire (long) lives

… then Longevity Secrets by Haitai is MORE than worth $249. That’s why the special price of $249 is a "Buy it NOW before it's gone" offer... so act fast!

P.P.S. - Let's be blunt: If you pass on this offer, how will make the most of your time on this island?

But if you take action, join the course, and implement the instruction from those who have "been there and done that" when it comes to healthy living, your whole life – and the lives of your family as well – will change.

Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Our longevity course is the ultimate solution for those who are looking to unlock the secrets to a longer, healthier life. With over 50 instructional videos, guided worksheets, and exclusive interviews with the top longevity scientists in the world, you'll have everything you need to take actionable steps towards a healthier life. We're so confident in the effectiveness of our course that we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee if you complete the course, including all the worksheets and implementing the material, and are still unsatisfied with the results. Our commitment to your success is our top priority, and we want you to feel confident in your purchase. Don't wait any longer to start your journey towards a healthier life – take advantage of our risk-free offer today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete this course?

Our self-paced course contains over 50 instructional videos, guided worksheets, and exclusive interviews with the top longevity scientists in the world. You can complete the course at your own pace and schedule, taking as much or as little time as you need to fully engage with the material. While some students may finish the course in a few weeks, others may take several months to delve deeper into the subject matter. We recomend really taking the time to implement to have lifelong results!

How long do I have access to all the video trainings, guide books, and exclusive interviews?

You will always have 24/7 online access to all the video trainings, guide books, and exclusive interviews, So, you'll have everything you need to take actionable steps towards better health. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed – and we're giving you access for life! So why wait? Sign up today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier, and longer life.

What if I don't know anything about longevity living or Okinawa?

Absolutely. This course is made for beginners when it comes to Okinawan longevity. You do not need to know Japanese or anything about Okinawa. I translate and explain everything for you.

What if this is right for me, can I get my money back?

I want to make sure that you feel secure and confident with the Haitai Longevity Academy! That's why I'm offering a 6 Month Money Back Guarantee! If for some reason after you go through the modules in the course, you don't feel like you got the value you paid for, book a call with me within the 6 months to see if I can help you & show me that you've taken action on the training. If you're still not satisfied, I'll be happy to return the full investment.

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